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The Packard wasn’t to get him to a car show; it was to take him back to another era, and how the world looked, felt and functioned at the time. It could help conjure up a milieu of malt shops, monumental movie theaters, milkmen and icemen, and service stations that would pump your gas, clean your windshield and maintain your car.

The majority of us fall in love with cars because of their styling. Beautiful cars will stop us in our tracks, even if we know nothing about them. There are plenty of us at car meets who have classic cars we love passionately, even though we couldn’t tune them up. I think of such people as kinetic art collectors and patrons of the designers.

Then there are those who love cars because of what they do. I have a friend who has always loved performance cars. These days he drives a 1964 Pontiac GTO. Why? Because it would blow the doors off of anything else in its day with its 389-cu.in. V-8 in what was essentially a lightweight Pontiac Tempest.

Others of us like cars for their engineering and mechanical beauty as well as their styling. I am one of those. Looking into a differential or an engine is like looking at sculpture, and it reveals universal truths discovered by scientists and engineers. It is fascinating and beautiful to be able to see how the laws of physics can be adapted to function on our behalf.

But Harlan Ellison wanted his classic so he could take his imagination for a ride back in time to an era when there were other mysteries to be solved and other realities to explore. Now, when I look at my own 1939 Packard convertible coupe I start to think maybe I’ll have dinner and drinks at the Brown Derby, or perhaps flip on the AM radio, let it warm up, and listen to Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds and scare myself into abject cringing terror in the garage, which is equipped with a door opener.



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