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” Studebaker and Packard introduced completely different automatic transmissions during 1950: “Automatic Drive” and “Ultramatic,” respectively. While “Fordomatic” and “Merc-O-Matic” arrived for 1 Chrysler Corporation’s normally-prolific engineers finished dead last in the competition, finally introducing a true amazon craftsman garage door remote 41a6140 1 transmission, the two-speed “PowerFlite,” during 1 Earlier, the company’s dealers probably crossed their fingers behind their backs when selling stop-gap but nonetheless serviceable contraptions with automatic-transmission-sounding names like “Gyro-Matic,” “Presto-Matic,” “Fluid Drive,” “Tip-Toe Matic” and “Hy-Drive. ” Few customers were likely fooled; by then, they knew that anything with a clutch pedal didn’t have an automatic transmission.

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Chrysler redeemed itself with its bullet-proof three-speed “TorqueFlite,” amazon craftsman garage door remote 41a6140 1 in all its lines by 1 American Motors began buying it for 1972 and later models, renaming it “Torque-Command. ” It replaced AMC’s familiar Borg-Warner “Flash-O-Matic. ” That basic B-W unit had also been known as the original “Fordomatic,” “Flightomatic,” “Multi-Drive” and, finally, “Cruise-O-Matic. ” When some customers wanted the option of shifting for themselves, a new genre of automatics appeared thus equipped, including AMC’s “Shift-Command Flash-O-Matic,” Ford’s “Select-Shift Cruise-O-Matic,” Studebaker’s “Power-Shift,” and Pontiac’s “His & Hers Turbo Hydra-Matic. ” The above 30-odd names for different crankshaft-to-driveshaft connections are hardly conclusive; readers can surely cite many more.

And that’s to say nothing of the multiple spellings and nicknames derisive and otherwise given to many of them and their derivatives during the ensuing years, like GM’s “Slim Jim. ” What’s your favorite name? Did any major automotive innovation spawn more creative names than the automatic transmission? With the 1982 amazon craftsman garage door remote 41a6140 1 poised for primetime, 1981 sales faltered. They had peaked in 1979 with 211,454 Firebirds sold. In 1980, that total was cut nearly in half, to 107,340 and the downward spiral continued for 1981 with just 70,889 Firebirds produced. The 1981 Firebirds had the potential to be the best of the lot, since Pontiac had a dozen years to refine what was essential ly the same design.



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