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Its Le Mans entry in 1971 ended with an early retirement, but it went on to race in that guise with subsequent owners. Porsche stalwart Herbert Muller also ran a 512M through ' It was this car that Pedro Rodriguez was driving when he suffered his fatal accident in an Interserie race at the Norisring. That year proved to be the end of an era, though. Ferrari refused to supply the 1972 312PB to private teams, telling US importer and NART boss Luigi chamberlain garage door opener 7675 during a factory tour that the car's complexity and the sheer cost of its individual components made it unfeasible.

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There's never been a shortage of folk willing to take a step into the unknown, as James pretty much since the dawn of (motoring, people have been I trying to go further and faster. ’ Sometimes, the motivation has been purely commercial a marque wanting to prove the performance and reliability of its products, for example. Other times, an adventure has been undertaken for the sheer hell of it. Many of our choices have chamberlain garage door opener 7675 extreme endurance or bravery sometimes both.

Others are just plain bonkers. There are, of course, some omissions. Stirling Moss’ 1955 Mille Miglia victory, for example, was an amazing feat but we’re after achievements that went above and beyond sheer driving genius. A good case could be made for BMC’s nonstop run at Goodwood in 1952, when a Morris Minor covered 10,000 miles in 10 days without ever chamberlain garage door opener 7675 to a stop. It was refuelled and serviced using a tender vehicle that was, in effect, a moving ‘dry dock’.



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