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The relentless attack over rocks and endless sand washes through the long dusty night took its toll on the 1500cc buggy, but despite delays to pinch a snapped brake line -they had only three-wheel braking for much of the trip and strapping up the broken gearbox mounts with baling wire, they finally arrived at the border. Even after wasting an hour waiting for the Tijuana tourist office to open to clock in, they beat Ekins’ time by more than five hours. The news of Meyers’ record prompted Pearlman to chamberlain garage door opener z wave the National Off Road Racing Association NORRA and, in the summer of ’67, he announced the maiden Mexican 10

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Open to two and four-wheelers, this thrilling adventure required entrants to visit five checkpoints between Ensenada and La Paz, but the rest was flat-out through desolate, open territory. The motley group of 68 teams that assembled in the car park of the Tijuana bullring spanned Ford Broncos to Swedish rally champs in a Saab Meyers entered four factory dune buggies, while Ekins headed a determined pack of ’bikers. The cars set the pace out of Ensenada, but the two-wheelers hauled in the Jeeps and buggies once the event reached the barren chamberlain garage door opener z wave desert and the punishing rocks. Although highly competitive, many entrants stopped to help stricken crews across the relentless terrain.

Planning checkpoints in Mexico proved to be a constant headache for Pearlman’s team. The fifth and final stop at Ciudad Constitution was typical of this tough point-to-point race. With only 130 miles to the end, the leading motorcyclist John chamberlain garage door opener z wave arrived in the main square. Clockwise, from below left: original drink flask and oil bottle still taped to roll-bar; high-mounted air box; Beetle motor replaced 356 unit; unlike a Manx, suspension is exposed and longer travel. Opposite: understeer in tight turns; period gear includes Major team jacket and Bell lid just after sunrise with a 15-minute lead, but the tired rider couldn’t find anyone to stamp his timecard.



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