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" I'd like to add a P. to that. Kaiser-Frazer Corporation went a step further in 1 You probably can remember the Kaiser Deluxe models all carried the color of the car on the front fender chamberlain garage door remote video The names, such as Onyx, Flax, Academy Blue, Linden Green, Indian Ceramic, Glass Green, Caribbean Coral and many more.

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Many think that Kaiser-Frazer would have better spent its money to tool for a V-8 engine instead of making all these costly mistakes on little items such as individual color scripts. Fred Renich Camarillo, California I WAS MOST INTERESTED IN THE De Soto station wagon article in HCC # Here in New Zealand, we received quite a few 1955 De Soto Diplomat station wagons. I personally knew of three chamberlain garage door remote video families who purchased this model new in the province of Southland. All were V-8 automatics and had dark green roofs with light green bodies. All were based on the Plymouth Belvedere Suburban, which was also sold here.

We also had 1960-'61 De Soto station wagons which were exported out of Canada that were based on the then-current Dodge Dart body but with De Soto trim and nameplates. We also received quite a few 1954, '55, '56 De Soto pickup trucks. De Sotos were always popular with taxi chamberlain garage door remote video in New Zealand from the 1930s to the 1950s. All were based on the Plymouth body shell, and out of Canada as export models. Alasdair Chapman South Canterbury, New Zealand I ENJOYED THE RECENT STORY OF the Moon automobiles in HCC # During most of my youth, I heard over and over of the quality of Moons, especially of a yellow 1925 roadster owned by my dad during his salad years.



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