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As the years have gone by, the memories grow more fond of that old Pontiac, and I would appreciate any information your readers may have about this seat option. Glenn Walker Unity, New Hampshire AS A LOVER OF STATION WAGONS, I was thrilled to see the article on the Pontiac Safaris. What particularly caught my eye were the two photos of the 1958 Star Chief. Is my eye playing tricks on me, or do both photos feature a car with a missing B-post on the passenger side as well as a slender C-pillar? Is it possible that these factory photographs are of a prototype mock-up that featured the production-pillared wagon on the driver's side and an unproduced hardtop body-style similar to the Oldsmobile and Buick models on the passenger side? If you look closely, not only is the chamberlain garage door remote visor clip missing, but also missing is the quarter window on the rear door and the sliding glass in the cargo area.

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I wonder if any photos exist of the passenger side of this car. One can only speculate, but perhaps Pontiac was entertaining the idea to replace the two-door Star Chief Custom Safari with a four-door hardtop. Erich Gernand Flint, Michigan I ENJOYED chamberlain garage door remote visor clip ABOUT THE Pontiac Safari in HCC # Back in 1995, I had a chance to see a 1957 Safari parked next to a '57 Star Chief Custom Safari Transcontinental. The Transcontinental appears in Pontiac's special brochure of additional mid-season models and is today quite rare. I noticed that the ends of the fenders, as well as the taillamp housing, are actually different on these two cars although the design is of a similar flavor to appear as identical.

The four-door Safari has a more upright, less undercut stance, while the two-door Safari has the more pointed tail. Therefore, I always wondered if this difference indicates the use of Chevrolet Nomad panels on the two-door Safari? All the usual luxury features were standard equipment, including power steering and brakes, air conditioning, power antenna, etc. However, the Opera Sedan also boasted a refrigerator, butane furnace with 50lb. supply tank, a removable skylight, sealed beam taillamps patented by Mohs , twin spotlamps and chamberlain garage door remote visor clip 50 x 20 Denman custom-built wide whitewall tires on specially made wheels with chrome rims. The tire tubes were filled with nitrogen to reduce heat buildup.



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