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Even the wheelbase of the longbox rigs was upgraded, as it grew from 122 inches to 128 for increased stability and load capacity. Dodge's 1966 light trucks were carryovers from 1965, but in 1967—bowing to pressure from dealers seeking larger V-8s—the 258hp 383 was first made available in half-tons. The New Process 435 series four-speed transmission accompanied the 383 V-8 on the option sheet for 1 With higher second and third gear ratios than chamberlain garage door remote 750 cb truck four-speed transmissions, the NP 435 was well matched with the torquey 383 engine, and the combination gave the truck almost passenger-car-like road speed.

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For 1968, Dodge installed more V-8 engines than six-cylinders in light trucks, as buyers rallied around haulers and chamberlain garage door remote 750 cb the spirited performance they were accustomed to in cars. The 1968 model trucks received a new grille that fully surrounded the headlamps, and the round front marker lamps were gone, replaced by vertical, rectangular lamps. The Adventurer package also arrived for 1968, sporting bright front end and body side trim, as well as a bright rear bumper; interior niceties such as carpeting, a headliner and additional sound-deadening material; plus, at extra cost, you could outfit your Adventurer with bucket seats and a center console, further gentrifying your pickup. For 1969, Dodge took car-like behavior a step further in its light trucks by adding a front anti-roll bar to control body lean and revised springs with plastic insulators between the leaves. Front suspension on two-wheel drives still consisted of a straight front axle and leaf springs.

The steering was addressed, too, with new tie rod ends and a shorter Pitman arm, in an effort to speed up steering ratios. For its efforts and due to growing interest in light trucks as all-around vehicles, Dodge saw demand for D-Series pickups double from the early part of the decade when these trucks were introduced. Dodge's D-Series pickups soldiered through 1971 with minor updates before an all-new truck arrived for 1 By the end of its run, the D-Series light trucks were an unqualified success, and Dodge's commercial vehicle production was exceeding 200,000 units annually—more than 70 percent of which were powered by V-8 engines. This month's feature Sweptline truck is an all-original, unrestored 1968 D100, driven less than 500 miles from new. It's part of an chamberlain garage door remote 750 cb vehicle collection owned by National Parts Depot founder Jim Schmidt and his son, Rick, the restoration parts company's vice-president and chief operations officer.



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