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After Woolf Barnato took over at Bentley, was still heavily involved with the race team, which was based a couple of miles down the road from Cricklewood, at Kingsbury. It was competition that provided the motivation for works driver Sir Henry 'Tim' Birkin to suggest a supercharged version of the 4V2 Litre. WO craftsman garage door opener 093d0168 remote a fan “(It) was against all my engineering principles” but Barnato gave the go-ahead for 50 road cars to be built below . Amherst Villiers designed the blower unit itself and the Hon Dorothy Paget provided the money, but, although fast, it wasn't as reliable as the unblown cars and didn't deliver the racing success for which Birkin had hoped.

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He did, however, drive a stripped version to second place in the 1930 French Grand Prix run that year to Farmu/e Libre regulations and lapped Brooklands at almost 138mph in his monoposto-bodied version. Autocar helped to maintain interest by publishing a romantically lyrical account of a test ride aboard the first prototype, EXP1: ‘The roar of the exhaust rose to its full craftsman garage door opener 093d0168 remote To such an accompaniment the pulse beats quicker. Every part of one’s being urges greater speed in the fierce wild intoxication of a moment supreme above all others in the life sensations of man.

’ For five years, the 3 Litre would remain Bentley’s sole product, but it was updated along the way. Introduced with a 9ft 9%in wheelbase, a longer chassis 10ft 10in was also offered from ’22, along with a B-type gearbox that had wider ratios. A year later, front brakes were fitted -having considered a hydraulic system, WO decided upon rods. The Speed model, with twin SU ‘sloper’ carburettors, came along in 1924, while the Supersports which had a 9ft wheelbase, 6:1 compression ratio and was guaranteed to do 100mph was introduced in ’ By the time that the 4% Litre was being considered, the Bentley landscape had changed. Perennially craftsman garage door opener 093d0168 remote of funds, matters had come to a head at the end of 1925 to the extent than HM was personally helping to meet the wage bill.



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