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“The 512’s strength was its simplicity,” says Forghieri, “and the fact that we managed to contain costs on the project! The lack of testing worked against it, though, be it in wind tunnels or on track. We tried to head to Sicily over the winter of 1970-’71, but the weather did not allow it. The 512M was capable of beating the 917 it did so in Austria and South Africa but Ferrari chose to craftsman garage door opener 75th anniversary his priorities. ” Circumstances meant that the Old Man never gave the 512M its chance, which is a great pity.

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Ultimately, of course, the 312PB’s success validated his decision, but you wonder what the 512M could have craftsman garage door opener 75th anniversary in 1971 with full works support; Le Mans was certainly within reach that year. Even so, the 512’s part in what was a truly legendary era of sports-car racing gives it all the gravitas it truly deserves. ' From as you'd expect from a car that was designed with Le Mans' Mulsanne Straight in mind, the Ferrari is beautifully balanced at high speeds; duct feeds air to the mighty 5-litre V12; quick-release fuel filler. Thanks to Peter Auto; Circuit Paul Ricard; Stand 21; Tim Samways; Steven and Peter Read.

Ecurie Francorchamps was another long-time Ferrari customer that ran 512s, C&SC's Alain de Cadenet sharing one with Hugues de Fierlandt at Le Mans in 19 Escuderia Montjuich ran a similarly distinctive yellow 512 through 1970 and '71, the latter after having been converted to M specification. Jose Juncadella and Juan Fernandez finished second in the 1970 Paris 1000 km, a result that Juncadella repeated on the '71 Tour de France with Jean-Claude Guenard and Jean-Pierre Jabouille. Chassis 1002 was later sold to Robert Horne, who in 1977 used it to set a British flying-mile record of craftsman garage door opener 75th anniversary With input from former factory driver Mike Parkes, Swiss team Filipinetti developed a narrow-cockpit '512F' with 917-type windscreen.



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