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Upon closer inspection, he discovered a Dark Brown Metallic Esprit with the standard 110hp 8 liter V-6, A/C and an AM/FM stereo with cassette. The Esprit was more luxurious than the base model and less performance oriented than the Formula and Trans Am. And like its siblings, it was part of a model hierarchy that Pontiac initiated with the debut of the 1970/ models. Exterior Esprit additions included bright moldings on the rear hood edge, rocker panel, craftsman garage door remote 41a4315 7d rails, wheel wells and window sills; body-color sport mirrors and door-handle tape inserts and deluxe wheel covers.

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Inside were Custom trim and other refinements. Bryan was drawn in by the styling, dealer-added side stripes and the light colored interior that would help ward off the Texas heat. Despite interest rates hovering at ridiculous highs, for $9,100 they became the proud owners of this 1 981 Esprit. It remained craftsman garage door remote 41a4315 7d daily driver for nearly a decade, and it moved with him and his wife from Dallas to Houston in 1 They kept the Firebird even when their daughter Erica was born in 1 986 and the need for more rear seat room became readily apparent.

42 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR JUNE 2016 Hemmings. com It wasn't until 1 991 that Bryan considered selling his Pontiac, but he was quickly dissuaded by its $2,000 book value. He craftsman garage door remote 41a4315 7d instead to keep the Esprit and store it in a climate-controlled space in his hometown of Billings, Montana. His dad, Al, started it every two months, and Bryan drove it when he and his family visited. After moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1993, Bryan's dad passed away in 201 0, so a friend began caring for the Firebird.



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