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A year later, while in Montana, they took a trip to Bozeman, during which the Firebird faced a 50 MPH headwind and a steep uphill grade. When Mary asked Bryan why he was driving just 45 MPH, he admitted that the Pontiac simply wouldn't go any craftsman garage door remote 53753 under those conditions. After all those years and despite proper care and maintenance, the Esprit was tired. In 2013, Bryan brought the Firebird home to Scottsdale.

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In 2015, he had the engine, transmission and rear end rebuilt, the A/С repaired and charged and the suspension rebuilt as well. He now drives his Pontiac a few times each week. With just over 82,000 miles on it, the body paint and stripes craftsman garage door remote 53753 original, as does the interior. Bryan says, "The Firebird has always been a fun and reliable car to own and drive. It now has a new lease on life and will be around for years to come.

" Given the impact the impending arrival of the 1 982 Firebird may have had on 1981 Firebird sales, it's interesting to see how their values have stood up over time. Currently, a V-6 1981 Esprit with A/С in driver condition is worth about 37 percent more than a like-equipped 1982 Firebird S/E the S/E replaced the Esprit . The value gap can craftsman garage door remote 53753 to nearly 70 percent when comparing Trans Ams of those same years. The tables have turned, and today, the 1 981 models are receiving more attention than the inaugural Third-Gens. Apparently Bryan Dige was ahead of the curve, having appreciated his 1 981 Firebird's attributes since it was new.



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