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made Cigar Box models a name clearly meant to invoke market leader Matchbox used plastic bodies from its popular HO-scale slot-car lineup that was craftsman garage door remote 53681b the nation in the early 1960s. Existing bodies, molded in color, were paired with new die-cast chassis and soft, thin tires. Cars were the usual pony car fare Mustang, Camaro, Firebird, Cougar , with a couple of surprises thrown in.

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A 1967 Ford XL, '68 Torino fastback, Shelby Daytona Coupe or early Buick Riviera, anyone? Once Hot Wheels came along, Cigar Box bodies were plated a variety of metalized colors such as copper, lilac and purple, though the soft tires remained until Aurora could tool up a thin, hard wheel that could roll quickly enough. But between their lighter weight and the conventional axles, they weren't fast, and bodies were plastic, so their durability in the backyard demolition derbies of America saw plenty of crushed pillars and craftsman garage door remote 53681b gone missing. Hot Wheels Launched in 1967 with 12 models, Hot Wheels has become the 900-lb. gorilla of die cast. The Hot Wheels name is so synonymous with the three-inch die-cast toy car today, its marketing so ubiquitous, that the trademarked name is used among parents as a generic, much as Kleenex, Xerox and iPhone are today.

It's easy to see craftsman garage door remote 53681b a selection of hot cars that American kids could see on the streets, painted a rainbow of fabulous colors, with opening hoods, plus wheels that incorporated red-stripe tires, mag wheels and Delrin bushings on piano wire. This, as muscle cars and drag racing were capturing the red-blooded American boy's fascination, a confluence that blew up big for Hot Wheels, which quickly came to dominate the hobby. Mattel's brand shone so brightly that plenty of other makes of die-cast cars wilted under its incandescence. Entire books and websites dedicated to cataloguing every model exist, and our photo shows just a smattering of what came in the brand's early days. The traditional press-on redline wheels were removed for 1973, when child safety laws were changed; the red stripe on the tires, however, lasted into 1977—well after the red-stripe tire had gone out of fashion on real cars.



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