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Apparently, the dealer had it resprayed locally in the same color, with no primer under the new paint. As best I can tell, that's true, as it looks like it was repainted The original white vinyl upholstery remains in defiant universal garage door remote video condition, and its color makes the Riviera's stylish four-place interior more bearable in Florida's summer heat; aftermarket air conditioning was added to this car using factory vents and controls. 30 HEMMINGS CLASSIC CAR JUNE 2016 I Hemmings. com many, many years ago, with acrylic lacquer," Charlie explains.

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"It's got a few little chips and a couple of door dings, as you would expect for a car that's old, but other than that, the paint is quite nice. And there is no defiant universal garage door remote video The original-owning family took care when storing the Riviera, ensuring it had clean oil and was protected from damage. "But they did nothing under the hood through the years. All the grease Zerks had pounds of grease caked around them, and the engine bay was a pit, it was nasty," Charlie recalls.

Bringing the car back up to mechanical and visual snuff has been an ongoing project since Charlie's owned the Buick. "I've done four oil changes to remove 40 years of sludge, and have replaced the carburetor, alternator, ignition, brakes and heater box. defiant universal garage door remote video we began driving it, it tended to overheat, and stranded us a couple of times—then I had the radiator replaced, and it starts right up and runs perfectly," he says. "This car wasn't air conditioned from the factory, and considering where we live, my wife said we needed it. I was determined not to alter the stock look of the interior with the Vintage Air kit I installed, so I searched for the 'eyeball' vents and dash parts to make it look correct.



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