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straight-six was replaced with the Buick do it garage door remote 41a5483 1b 8 liter V-6 for the 1977 model year. In 1980, the larger 350, 400 and 403 engines were retired and a 210-hp 301 turbocharged engine was developed to fill the performance void.

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Computer do it garage door remote 41a5483 1b were introduced on the W72 301 engine and on the turbo 301, and a lockup torque converter was used in the automatic transmission with non-turbo engines, all in an effort to increase efficiency. New for 1981 was the Computer Command Control engine management system, and the 265-cu. V-8 variant of the 301 that was delayed in 1980 was released. It wasn't all positive news, however.

By 1981, pre-owned Firebirds and Trans Ams were competing with the new models. While turbocharging the 301 engine helped somewhat, the emis-sions-control-laden, smaller-displacement, high-performance Firebirds of 1981 were slower than the 1979 Pontiac 400-pow-ered cars and most of the Second-Gen T/As and Formulas dating back to 19 They also handled nearly as well and were considerably cheaper to buy, since they were used cars. Another adverse circumstance was that the Second-Gen do it garage door remote 41a5483 1b platform had existed for so long the rest of the industry had evolved around it. In 1970, the Firebird was a Pony Car, so mid-sized models like the Le Mans were larger and heavier.



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