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The cc motor is clean and tidy wearing a fresh

The body has obviously been restored and repainted, presumably in Italy, and it remains in immaculate condition with consistent shutlines and excellent chrome, plus all other trim and badges present and correct. The paint is good, though there are a couple of rust stains creeping out of the door hinges and from under their fixing bolts, and there's a small ding in the offside door. The bumpers have been rechromed, with light polish marks visible under the plating. The older P3000 tyres have lots of tread, plus the spare is an unused Falken, in an garage door opener 3 button remote front boot area.

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The interior vinyl is mint so perfect that it's possible some of it is new plus the cabin retains its Abarth steering wheel and gearknob. The rubber floor mats are okay, but there are some small cracks in the instrument binnacle one of the downsides of almost 50 years in a sunny climate. The 982cc motor is clean and tidy, wearing a fresh big-bore, doublebarrel exhaust. Its coolant is nice and blue, and full in the header tank, garage door opener 3 button remote the oil is clean.

The sump is damp underneath, but there are no big leaks. It starts easily and fizzes along really enthusiastically, though it has very short gearing about 17mph per 1000rpm in top, which is roughly the same as a Frogeye Sprite. The steering is sweet, the gearchange easy and the brakes pull up well. garage door opener 3 button remote no oil-pressure gauge, but the temperature just about gets up to 'normal'. The odometer doesn't work, with no way of telling for how long it's been out of action, and neither do the wipers.



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