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haven’t I? New garage door opener capacitor ruled out a charging fault Spare switch will test theory of resistance. With the new barrel in place, the engine was back on seven cylinders but I was at my wits’ end. Fortunately, there was another diversion because the accelerator pump called time with a fan-shaped spray of unleaded over the engine when I blipped the throttle.

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Local specialists don’t stock FoMoCo carb bits. In fact, even the Mustang parts suppliers in the US are light on them, so I opted for a new 600CFM Holley. Luckily, those are a dime a dozen here thanks to the hot rod scene. Swapping it couldn’t have been easier it’s the most bolt-on bit I’ve ever fitted and I only had to reposition the fuel feed. Of course, it still didn’t solve the misfire but stripping the distributor showed up some play in the shaft -perhaps that was causing an intermittent contact across more than one pickup on the dizzy cap? That was just before Christmas and my brother Kevin, who was coming over from Australia, suggested a fix by simply adding a new dizzy to my list for Santa, who was due to garage door opener capacitor at a vast V8 parts specialist in his part of the world.

Done, along with a request for a high-power MSD coil. Thanks to a packaging error, though, the dizzy-shaped item that. On paper, my Mustang is the most reliable car in my fleet. garage door opener capacitor V8, points ignition, mechanical fuel pump and a live rear axle with non-servo brakes. What’s not to like? It’s Car Design 101 when it comes to classic reliability and DIY ownership.



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