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Ever since the BMW was repaired after

It would be nice to have it done for the Bavaria Tour at the end of the month, because front panels correct or otherwise are in short supply, so that can wait. A couple of last year’s advisories have been rectified, though. The unevenly worn offside front tyre was also flat-spotted, as noticed by one of the lads at Wheel Power in Brockley where boss Mark Golby has recently bought an immaculate Escort RS2000 Mk I popped back a week later to have a pair of Falkens fitted on the front always put the garage door opener codes rubber on the steering wheels, I was told.

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Another one for the garage door opener codes file, too: while the new boots were being fitted, I got chatting to a bloke who’d owned a 2002 when he was at college. Next up was the faded headlamp reflector. Ever since the BMW was repaired after I parked it on a Merc ML, it’s had one shiny light and an increasingly dull one. That was, until I acquired an excellent Hella unit kindly donated as surplus to requirements for a restoration. The sidelight connections were different, of course, and it’s slightly smaller, which might explain why the centre of the nearside grille had been cut out to fit round the old lamp.

I only realised that when I offered it up to the replacement, which is much better. It needed just a small adjustment to pass the MoT test, so, as Colin Simmons at Long-field Hill pointed out, my attempts to garage door opener codes the settings weren’t far out. I’ve also been experimenting with heavier oil, in the hope that less of it will escape via the polished bores. It seems to retain more Millers Classic mineral 20w50 than a well-known brand of 10w40, but it’s still burning a fair amount. And I’ve swapped the temporary replacement rotor arm with a new one from Jaymic, so it starts better.



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