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Taking out the instrument panel revealed a

I garage door opener cost see how that could result in a misfire but I scrounged one off the old dizzy from the Cobra my brother Kevin built up. Shiny new coil and starter solenoid fitted Holley carb proved a welcome distraction. The ignition switch had seen better days Pertronix distributor was an easy solution.

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The Windsor still ran like a pig, and by then the frequent bouts of cranking were putting astrain on the car’s high-tension circuit because the starter solenoid cooked. That was easy to garage door opener cost and, with cranking restored, the electrical gremlins moved on to the low-tension circuit specifically the ignition barrel, which cried foul and came apart under the dash. Taking out the instrument panel revealed a shattered housing. Here on the southern tip of Africa, sourcing bits involves a 10-day delivery process plus punitive courier and customs charges.

All of which turned a $ 95 barrel into a 1500-Rand ?73 purchase, on a car that cost only 20,000 Rand in ’ I opened under the tree was not for a Ford small-block! By then, I was so desperate to get the right bit that I simply waved the credit card and ordered a stock-looking, Pertronix electronic distributor from Mustangs Unlimited. I then waited for salvation in the form of a garage door opener cost van. And when it came it was salvation indeed. Installing it was an absolute doddle, and bingo a spark that was probably fat enough to register on the TSA’s surveillance systems across the Atlantic, and a Ford small-block running on all eight. Stewart Miller Insurance is the trading name of Stewart Miller McCulloch and Co Limited; Peter James Insurance is the trading name of Peter D James Limited; both are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.



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