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A tired shell can be even more costly to refurbish, because GRP repair, while straightforward, is labour-intensive. It may well be best to replace a rough body with a new one rather than spend ?10k repairing and spraying it. And beware the recent paint-job has it been done thickly over garage door opener dealers and crazing, and was it prepped properly? More refined +2 featured fatter tyres and reinforced sills. Autocar test demonstrated the Elan's outstanding grip.

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Twin Cams became steadily stronger and more powerful, but Stromberg carbs fitted to meet US emissions regs are less desirable you can't bolt Webers onto a Stromberg head . Check for 40psi at speed, 20psi at tickover and no excessive blue smoke, knocks and rattles. Does it look clean and well maintained? Hood should look good and fit snugly. On early cars it sits on a complex set of GRP mouldings and steel rods; S3-on is much simpler, and garage door opener dealers ?419 in Everflex. Almost all Elans have the superb Corsair 2000E gearbox; late models have a five-speed built by Lotus with Maxi gears.

Check for synchro and bearing wear. Cooling is vital with an aluminium head, and the water pump can be weak. Ensure electric fan works, but isn't on all the time, and check for oil in coolant and vice versa. Seat frames rot and break as damp gets in. These are S3 seats, with different trim pattern from S Specialists have reintroduced most plastic trim sections garage door opener dealers strut rear end is Elan's handling and ride secret; novel rubber doughnuts worked well, although parts quality today is suspect and their life can be short.



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