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Check for leaks around the water pump rock

Vacuum operates pop-up garage door opener differences check they work, and look for crazing and poor panel fit throughout. Glassfibre repair is costly unless you do it yourself. There's still little that can stay with a sorted Elan on a twisty, bumpy back road. They've all shot up in price, but FHCs go for circa 20% less than DHC or Sprint On the road.

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An Elan should feel lively on the road, with a good spread of power through the rev range. The garage door opener differences Cam is reliable if well maintained, most critical being the cooling system and the danger of head corrosion with insufficient inhibitor. Check for leaks around the water pump: rock it to see if the bearings are worn. A ring of bolt heads around it indicates conversion to a removable water pump, a definite plus. Otherwise you have to take off the head to access the pump.

Being on the original chassis isn’t a bonus, because, even if not rusted, it’s likely to be weakened by cracks. The ultimate replacements are those made by garage door opener differences optionally galvanised , stamped ‘LR’ for ‘Lotus Replacement’. Spyder-cars’ are also excellent, with extra stiffening and the facility to drop the sump and propshaft. Upgrades are numerous, including an aluminium radiator, uprated fan, alloy fuel tank, electric lamp-lift conversion and stronger suspension. Spydercars offers a 2-litre 190bhp-plus Zetec for +2s, plus spaceframe chassis.



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