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If you fancy competing and want a car that's already sorted, Denis Welch Motorsport is offering a fully prepped Austin-Healey 1 It can be yours for ?85k. London dealer Hexagon has moved into a new showroom in East Finchley. The firm will be garage door opener dip switches a coffee shop as well as a restaurant to the site later in the year.

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About five years ago, I bought a BMW 2800CS automatic out of a garden in west London. Most of the panels were good, although it didn't have much of a floor left. I was told it had a new factory engine and it certainly went okay if you didn't mind the breeze up your trouser leg. Some long-forgotten domestic incident meant it had to go and, after garage door opener dip switches of interest, a man turned up.

He was quite irritating so I didn't listen to his garage door opener dip switches blather or take it seriously if I had, I might have refused to let him have the rare coupe. He did the unthinkable and turned it into a CSL replica with boy-racer stripes. There's a lot to be said for early Scimitar GTEs, but that doesn't equate to high values or an aura of desirability. In theory, they should have the cachet of a two-door Range Rover a 1970s lifestyle classic for people who wear tweed and hang around antique shops and stables. Yet by some process they have become terminally uncool probably because there are very few nice original ones around.



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