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Such extreme mods are less garage door opener discount now that originality is prized. The front suspension used Triumph Herald components; it wears, but the parts to rebuild it as-new are cheap to fit. The rear set-up, being unique to Lotus, is a more complex proposition and the poor quality of replacement rubber doughnuts has led many to convert to CV joints. Given the age of the cars and the need for almost all electrical items to be double-wired -that is, earthed back to the chassis electrics can give problems, so check it all works.

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Fixing may be simple although garage door opener discount can wreak havoc. “I bought this 1964 S2 in '69 in Canada for $1100 about ?250 ," recalls Battrick. “I was 25 at the time. I'd had a TR4A before, which felt agricultural in comparison.

The Elan is visceral: even driving down a straight road you feel as if you're on the edge, it's fire and brimstone. The front is hard but Colin Chapman put soft struts on the back, which makes it comfortable. When I returned to England in 1972, I converted it to right-hand drive. It was in terrible condition. I fitted a Spyder chassis and a new shell from Boss: the car had been crashed before I bought it the new body was half the weight and garage door opener discount as stiff.



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