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The engine is tidy. The oil is between levels, coolant nice and pink, and the transmission fluid, though a slightly darker garage door opener forum than new, doesn't smell burnt. People are scared of the mechanical injection though it is possible to set it up at home with practice but this new system, fitted in 2010, does away with those worries.

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It starts easily and drives nicely, with a supple ride and lots of prod, as you'd expect. The automatic 'box kicks down if you floor it and the brakes work smoothly, though pulling slightly to the left. Oil pressure was 80psi-plus, the coolant temperature steady at 70°C, and the aircon tries its best. After our run the garage door opener forum was high, at 1500rpm, though the system is eminently tweakable via a laptop. There are lots of Aussie bills, plus copies of the guarantee and factory service records to 1 If sold in the UK, it will be registered and supplied with a new MoT and could be a five-speed manual for an extra.

• Excellent chrome and paint INTERIOR • New leather, good carpets MECHANICALS • Healthy thanks to lots of recent work; electronic fuel injection. For Attractive early styling; stonk Against It's not exactly as it came out of Newport Pagnell SHOULD I BUY IT? It appears to have no stories and is the quickest of the V8s. If you don't like autos with this much torque it hardly matters , there's a solution Rolls-Royce and Bentleys from the 1920’s -1970’s A diverse and interesting stock of about 40 cars. Based on the 850 Coupe, but with approximately 50% more power and, sensibly, similarly uprated braking via discs on the front, this OT is said to have resided in Italy for nearly all of its life. It was only imported into the UK in 20 Unusually for such a garage door opener forum device, there were two identical 0T1000s for sale here at the same time, the other a 1967 model.



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