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There’s a fantastic history file, too. It is a joy to behold and we wouldn’t change a thing: to paint this reference car would be a crime. It garage door opener frequency to be preserved, so we’d call ?30k too cheap.

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Sweet S3 wears factory paint; garage door opener frequency have lots of tread Its interior has an unrepeatable just-worn-in ambience Twin Cam just right, too: oil cleanish; coolant nice and pink Our verdict A good Elan, of any model, is an absolute joy to drive and a pleasure to own. Plus, it’s more spacious and practical than it looks. The ideal is a car with full history and a sheaf of bills from respected specialists. Chassis and even body replacement doesn’t harm values, but nonoriginal spec, apart from reversible sensible improvements, does. Choose carefully.

FOR • Lotus innovation at its best • Superb styling, rust-free body • Fanatical following and garage door opener frequency back-up • One of the best-handling cars ever AGAINST • Non-original bitzas abound • Chassis rot means costly replacement • Scruffy bodywork can be even more expensive to make perfect How long have you been in business? When I reached the age of 15, I left school to go and work with my dad at George Wise Motors in Leyton. That was 43 years ago, and so began my career. What's the best classic you've ever owned? A '72 Ferrari Daytona that I jointly owned with my brother. It took us four years to restore, and won Best Daytona at a Ferrari Owners' Club event in the 1990s. What's your daily driver? During the winter, a Porsche Cayenne.



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