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The carpets are damp and mouldy but should clean up

The structure is superbly rot-free, garage door opener jammed very sharp sill seams with original factory roll-welded joints and subframes in good shape, plus a newish exhaust. Aside from the paint, there are a couple of chrome issues. The bootlid plinth and tail-light trims are pickled and the offside 'moustache' has been broken at one corner, repaired and painted over. The front bumper chrome has speckles that would polish out.

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The tyres are 2014 Rota 155 radials with an older 145 Viking on the spare, near which we also find lurking the inevitable bottles of Valvemaster, so the head has likely never been off. Inside, the vinyl upholstery is in excellent condition, further reinforcing the recorded mileage, with a tiny burn mark on the garage door opener jammed seat base. The carpets are damp and mouldy but should clean up, and the floorpans are solid, though they have been repainted in a slightly lighter shade of purple. The motor single-carb on the automatics is in 'used' cosmetic condition, not helped by the missing splash guard, with cleanish oil it caters for the transmission, too, remember just over the maximum mark.

The coolant is garage door opener jammed rusty but full and the CVJ gaiters are good. It starts easily despite having stood for a while, and is mechanically quiet, further reinforcing that low mileage. Driving it with the four-speed auto is quite a leisurely process, but the gearchanges are smooth and the AP transmission is responsive, going down the ratios as you slow. The ride is excellent, as you'd expect, with firm brakes, though there's a hint of balljoint rattle from the front, and temperature sits just below. It will be sold with an MoT until November and a Haynes manual.



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