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Inside, the Suede Green leather seats have been retreated and are only lightly creased, plus the dashboard is all good, including the top, housing a modern Alpine stereo. The few minus points are: the doorcards have several small cracks in the vinyl around the pull handles; there are a couple of patches in the load-bed vinyl; and there's one tiny bit of chrome rear window garage door opener just hums missing. The motor is tidy and standard, and the ignition amplifier appears to have been moved from the vee later cars had this feature because the early ones would regularly fry their electrics. The coolant is clear and green, the oil cleanish, although the car will be serviced before sale.

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The exhausts are in sound shape. It fires instantly and goes well, with a supple and garage door opener just hums ride, plus easy power steering and a decent gearchange. The brakes are smooth and pull up straight, but they could be sharper. On the move, the gauges read 55psi of oil pressure, 5 V and the temperature needle sits toward the cold end of the scale.

The paperwork wasn't with the car at the time of our visit, but is said to include a full photographic record of the bodywork restoration, lots of old invoices, a JDHT production certificate and previous MoT certificates dating back to 1987 when the recorded mileage was just under 60,0 The Jaguar will be supplied with a fresh MoT. This ADO16 has truly horrible paint the garage door opener just hums Tulip spider-webbed in finest early-'70s style that only BL could manage but this will be dealt with before sale. Underneath is a delightful low-mileage car that sits straight, with the original Wadham Stringer sticker in the back window. There are no old MoTs to substantiate the mileage, although everything about it points to it being genuine and true.



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