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Exiting Clearways rather than unleashing the Ford V down the

That’s never a smart thing to do with a racing car and, inevitably, on one occasion when driving home from V8 guru garage door opener maintenance Mullan’s, the brakes locked on solid. Wiggling the balance bar behind the master cylinders and soaking everything with WD40 released them, though. Not exactly a scientific solution, but by the time I got to the circuit for my race, I was confident that they were okay.

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Warning bells should have sounded upon taking up my grid position: the start-finish straight is on an incline, yet the Falcon wasn’t rolling backwards. garage door opener maintenance the lights went out we all hammered off up to Paddock, all of those concerned completing the opening tour without incident except for muggins. Exiting Clearways, rather than unleashing the Ford V8 down the straight, I appeared to be slowing down and that despite burying my right foot in the floorboards. Brake master cylinders have been renewed. Losing a number of places, I pitted at the end of the second lap, jumped out of the car, removed the bonnet and fiddled with the balance bar -only to have the brakes free off and the car roll forwards into me! I was soon back out on track, though, and all remained fine until the flag.

Remarkably, I wasn’t last. Truth be told, the cause remains unknown but since then the master cylinders have been renewed and the front calipers rebuilt with no reoccurrence of the symptoms. With work progressing on the TR, I decided to just do a couple of events with the Falcon this year. The first was at Silverstone on the Grand Prix circuit at the beginning of April, again with the HRDC. Much to my delight, Duncan Pittaway had entered with his garage door opener maintenance Barracuda, the pair of us having not competed against each other since the 2014 Revival where we were the tail-end Charlies in the Shelby Cup .



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