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The P lasted four years

It’s all a bit cut-price Yank, in fact, but at least the front discs are European in their effectiveness. These were optional on the TS from April ’62 and available at extra cost on lesser models from the ’63 garage door opener manuals year, at which stage they became standard on the TS. The dashboard curves round into the doors and slopes away at the bottom, giving a sense of extra space.

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There’s a harmonious well-styled cockpit, with modern, crisply lettered instruments, and rocker switches mcorpurateJ tiilo die lower rail along with the cigarette lighter and the ashtray. The three-tone trim is again more United States than Federal Republic, but the overall effect is of a bright modernity that must surely have appealed to the young and successful businessmen of garage door opener manuals early-’60s Germany -who would have no doubt enjoyed the Ford’s Americanised handling and adventurous styling. The P3 lasted four years before being replaced. An impressive 669,731 had been made.

This was a massive increase over the output of the P2, so there is no doubting the model’s success: sometimes, even, it had outsold its Opel rival. This time, therefore, the change in styling would be more evolutionary, the lines of the new P5 being a well-considered refining of those of the P3, to which it was clearly related. Longer and wider, the cars were heavier, but also with a Cd of 37 more aerodynamically efficient. Basically a re-skinning of the P3, the P5 kept the same garage door opener manuals bar the engines.



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