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Following another successful sale in February with fantastic garage door

These were new and related 1500 and 1700 V4s and a 2-litre V6, with power ranging from 60bhp for the 15M up to 90bhp for the 20M TS. Strangely, they again shared nothing with Dagenham’s V4s and V6s. A pillarless coupe was a new body style, and the Turnier also came as a four-door -Germany’s first estate of this configuration. With the widest garage door opener marantec to date, a full 746,458 P5s were made, over three model years.

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See brochure for our full selection. Includes 100% oak principle frame, softwood weatherboard, studwork and rafters, staddlestones and accessory pack. Planning packs available for ? Following another successful sale in February with fantastic garage door opener marantec achieved and a high percentage sold, our May sale already includes these stunning classics. Rousset’s P5 is a V6 2-litre 20M TS, and he admits that if he could keep just one Taunus this would be it.

That’s no surprise, in coldly rational terms, because it feels totally modern. There’s better weight to the steering, more control to the suspension, decent medium-travel servo brakes, and strong performance that soon has you garage door opener marantec a lazy 75mph. Unexpected is the clunky action of the floor change, which lacks the smoothness of the preceding column shifts. Possibly more of a downside is the slightly garish interior, with its metal-flecked seats and plastic-chrome instrument panel. Despite an emphasis on quality in the advertising of the period, the P5 was a Ford, not a Mercedes.



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