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This one came by way of William Cadbury of the

I’ve always been intrigued by the Riley Pathfinder and its offspring, so the chance to capture one was not to be missed. The car in question is a Two-Point-Six, the rarest of the lot 2000 built from 1957-’59 and probably one of the least numerous BMC models of all. Interestingly, until now, garage door opener menards had completely passed me by even the badge-engineered stuff, never mind the RM and tasty pre-war gear. The Two-Point-Six bridges the gap between ‘pure’ Rileys and the BMC cars.

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For those who don’t know, it has the C-series ‘six’ the Pathfinder had the high-cam ‘four’ from the RM and is, in effect, a badge-engineered Wolseley 6/ I think the only other one I’ve ever seen was in a Lincolnshire scrapyard 15 years ago. I have no awareness of them from my childhood, although I might have confused a passing example for an MG Magnette or a Wolseley 4/ In fact, they share only the rough shape with their smaller brethren. This one came by way of William Cadbury of the chocolate-making family , who, despite having owned all manner of exotica, has a weakness for BMC’s work. Some years ago, he managed to find and buy his garage door opener menards old Two-Point-Six, a much-loved car in which he had many happy family trips as a child and which, as a teenager, he drove.

The short version of my car’s history is that Cadbury bought it as a donor. It came from a man in the Midlands whose father had owned it since the early-’60s, and apparently it had been laid up since 1 A copy of the Birmingham Evening Post from 1969 was lining a box of tools in the boot, so perhaps it was last used slightly later, but it’s certainly not seen the road for many a year. Under the rear seat I found a long-lost marble, a reminder of the days when children could be kept entertained by something less there can’t be many unrestored ’50s British saloons out there. Instinct tells me that the way to proceed is to get the garage door opener menards thing running and driving, and then take a view on how to tackle the body. Exactly what I’ll do about the wings remains to be seen, but presumably they can be patched; that appears to be what has happened to Cadbury’s car.



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