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I’ll be pleased to hear from anyone who has a pair of front wings! It’s nice to get an occasional victory over an annoying problem, such as the loose gear-linkage mounting block described in April. Having the right tools helps. In the end, I bought a set of garage door opener monitor hex keys and, using a drive plus an adaptor from one of those handy AA kits, I tightened it properly. It would have been easier and not taken four, rain-interrupted attempts over consecutive weekends if I’d had access to indoor ramps.

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Which was the garage door opener monitor behind This Is Your Garage, in Culham near Oxford. You can hire bays with various types of ramps , each ofwhich has a massive rack of Teng. With Cattle's 325i and Richards' Ventora. New Falkens being fitted at Wheel Power Tools.

There’s an excellent diner as well, so you can have a bacon sandwich and a cuppa while you get stuck in. They have meetings there, too http: //thisisyourgarage. com , which is where I met up with mates Dave Richards and Simeon Cattle over the Easter weekend. The downpour up the M40 and the epic puddles on the way back meant that the holed spare-wheel well took on water again . Miraculously, that nearside rusty corner didn’t garage door opener monitor fail the MoT test but it was advised.



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