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I have tried to coax it into life, but no joy as garage door opener mount And yes, I did remember that it has positive-earth electrics. I’m under no illusion as to the amount of work there is to do.

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Buckley poses proudly with his latest toy one of my favourite films . All that I need is a tub of Brylcreem and garage door opener mount Dankworth on the radio. One source of inspiration has been the YouTube videos about a Wolseley 6/90 rebuild by ‘Junk Yard Tom’, who got his car together in an amazing seven months. I did further homework on the model by ordering a copy of Christopher Balfour’s excellent Auto Architect, the biography of Gerald Palmer.

Chris kindly garage door opener mount me some additional notes from a guide to the Pathfinder by David Rowlands, which whet my appetite even more. One interesting point that came up in these histories was that Palmer’s long-term plan was to develop a twin-cam version to put the car head-to-head with the Jaguar MkVII. That raises the question of whether an XK engine would fit. I think the Riley will replace my Austin 3 -litre on the basis that I don’t need two BMC barges in my life. I have no idea of what parts are still available for the Two-Point-Six, but suspect the answer is not many.



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