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The Bathtub P presses a few buttons

Bear that in mind, and you can see the car’s appeal. Lightly retouched over its predecessor it may be, but the P5 is a generation ahead and with that 85bhp V6 would surely have eaten its nearest British equivalent, the not dissimilar Corsair. How should one judge our trio of Taunuses? Let’s face it, none of them is likely to light blazing fires of automotive ardour. garage door opener mounting brackets are pretty prosaic machines.

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Pushed to explain his love of the cars, Rousset could come up with nothing more solid than the nostalgia they garage door opener mounting brackets But I’ll buy into that. The P5 is a bit modern for me, although I could see myself in a snazzy duotone P It has to be a more sensible way of playing the pocket-sized-Yank card than smoking around in a flathead-V8 Simca Vedette while watching the fuel gauge head southwards. The ‘Bathtub’ P3 presses a few buttons, too: as a car that I associate not only with childhood European holidays, but also for its stylistic bravery. These Fords are usable old things, but not so old that they aren’t everyday-practical.

They have a period charm and rarity that is arguably lacking in the Austin Cambridges of this world, while being perfectly agreeable to drive. That’s not a bad set of virtues, don’t you think? Due to running the Marcos with the HSCC see last garage door opener mounting brackets , I only had one more outing with ‘Frank’, the Falcon, last year. This was at Brands Hatch with the HRDC, where I qualified surprisingly well, but my race was spoilt by a strange mechanical woe that had worsened throughout the year. After periods of inactivity, the brakes would take time to release and it would feel as if the handbrake was still on when pulling away. Adjustment of the rear drums had little effect but once warmed up things improved, so I decided to live with it.



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