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It was offered with a side opening rear door a

Accordingly it took a completely different direction, with aerodynamically honed and softer forms plus a refreshing lack of chrome ornamentation. With its fall-away front and rear and its garage door opener nj headlamps a motif repeated on the back panel and the dashboard the P3 was as much of a surprise in its aesthetics as NSU’s Ro80 would be in seven years’ time, and it was soon nicknamed ‘the Bathtub’. The shape was effective, though, clocking a 40 drag coefficient, against the wardrobe-like

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50 Cd recorded by the P Mechanically the P3 differed little from its predecessor, other than the additional availability of a 1498cc unit and from September ’61 a 1758cc TS with a twin-choke carb. As before, there was a two-door estate, the Turnier. It was offered with a side-opening rear door, a US-style garage door opener nj tailgate with glass that wound down, or a conventional top-hinged one-piece tailgate. The P4 12M was an accident of corporate history.

Ford's compact Falcon was an instant success in the States, but it had not really taken the garage door opener nj to VW, so Dearborn went a size smaller in its bid for a Beetle-beater. The new design was based around a V4-powered front-drive module above right ; this would incorporate the suspension and steering and could be slotted into the shell as one unit. This 'Pony Pac' would be made in Germany and shipped to the US, where the car would be assembled in Kentucky. It would also be built in Germany. At the last moment, however, Ford in the States got cold feet over the dreary-looking sub-compact, which was both over-budget and under-developed.



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