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Deutsch made a few cabrios, a practice that would continue with the P3 and P5 Taunuses. To drive, the 60bhp P2 is an easy, soft, garage door opener noisy thing. The sweet column change has a relatively long throw, the clutch is smooth and the low-geared worm-and-roller steering, with its big wheel quite close, is nicely well-oiled; the brakes, meanwhile, are short-travel and effective. There’s a decent turn of speed, with cruising at 50-60mph adequately refined, despite a relatively low third gear, and on its soft suspension the 17M jounces along in a contented and relaxed way.

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As for the two-tone interior, that has a certain typically transatlantic Ford flavour, albeit with a little more of that garage door opener noisy plastic that the Germans so loved in the ’50s. The decor chimes well with the styling, and indeed with the P2’s road behaviour. In its friendly usability, the car reminds you of a smaller-scale MkII Zephyr/Zodiac and that’s a pretty good recommendation. The P2’s fashion-led looks were never going to be long-lasting.

Not only that, but the Rekord outsold it more than threefold. It was thus hardly a surprise when after just three seasons the Ford was replaced by a more contemporary model. A total of239,978 had been made. Introduced in October 1960, the new P3 was a revolutionary shape for its time. Designed with at least a nod towards the contemporary Falcon and Thunder-bird, it was intended to stand apart from the sharp-edged Pininfarina lines of the garage door opener noisy saloons from BMC, Peugeot and Fiat.



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