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It was not intended as round the world transport

With Rose-Richards, Charles Brackenbury and John Hindmarsh, he raised the standard to 1 6mph over the 24 hours. He then set a new hour best of 167mph and averaged 168mph over 100 garage door opener number pad Anorak fact In the Napier-Railton's first race, it immediately broke Brooklands' standing-start lap record at 1

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59mph. The Rytecraft Scootacar was intended as an urban runabout, with the original version being built around a 98cc single-cylinder Villiers engine. It was not intended as round-the-world transport, but that didn't deter Jim Parkinson. Having found a 1935 example on a farm and restored it, he set off from Dover in May 1965, and travelled through Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. He spent two days repairing a stub axle after a military truck got a little too close for comfort in Germany, but carried on to garage door opener number pad

He had to push the car up the steeper hills, and twice removed and stripped the engine. Eventually, however, he made it as far as Japan, where he then had to dismantle the Scootacar and pack it into boxes so that it could be loaded onto a cargo plane bound for San Francisco. To raise money, he made a few TV appearances in the States as he continued to New Orleans, Florida and Carolina where he was stopped by police for going too slowly. Finally, he made his way across the border to Montreal, from where he got a ship back to England after a 421-day, 15,000-mile journey. Anorak garage door opener number pad Before setting off, Parkinson conducted a 'thorough'shakedown by taking a one-hour post-restoration test-drive.



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