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Behind that is the machine shop, upstairs is the engine build room, and out the back is the dyno, of which Samways is very proud. “It’s a Schenk D400, that garage door opener via iphone about ?%m new,” he says. “I got it from a petroleum company that went out of business, at the right price. It can handle 1000bhp and 960lb ft.

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” As well as restoration and engineering suspension set-up is a speciality here race support is key element. In mid-season, staff will be away every weekend running cars for owners. For big events, that can be garage door opener via iphone Most recently, the Ferrari 246S it runs won the Motor Racing Legends Stirling Moss Trophy, and Goodwood’s Sussex Trophy.

for the fifth time. It’s not just racers: “While we’re ‘resting’, we do fast road car work, up to the F50 after that garage door opener via iphone too much electronics. ” Also in the shop are a 300SL and an Aston DB4GT Zagato a real one that they’ve almost finished. “But we’re not elitist,” insists Samways. Coys’ ninth Techno Classica Essen sale took place on 9 April in a new arena previously used only for concerts, the auction house packing 120 lots into the venue.



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