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Removing rust, weld garage door opener vibration and underseal is a laborious and thankless task, so at C&SC we are enthusiastic about any tools that promise to make the job easier. This attachment from Laser Tools fixes to your air hammer or air chisel. Using a series of needlelike blades, it is claimed to quickly and efficiently strip away debris from chassis rails and box sections.

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The design features a narrow head that ought to make it ideal for tackling garage door opener vibration areas, and replacement parts including spare needles are also available. Fitting a tracking unit to your classic enables you to see where it is at any time -whether checking from the comfort of your home that it’s still safely in its lock-up, or helping to locate it should it get stolen. Bluetrack’s range of GPS devices is priced from ?102 and can be operated using a downloadable interface or smartphone app. Conveniently, they don’t need to be wired into your car’s electrics simply charge the tracker using a wireless pad and tuck it somewhere discreet.

You can pay for credits priced at 1p per position, or alternatively opt for an unlimited package costing ?174 per year. With classic cars increasingly targetted by thieves, this relatively cheap investment ought to help give peace of mind and could prove to be money well spent. This new product from ValetPro is designed to remove deposits from your car’s paintwork prior to applying a garage door opener vibration wax. It contains mild abrasives that help to remove light marring and oxidisation, while leaving behind a protective carnauba wax base coat. The result is said to enhance the finish once a final layer of polish is applied, giving the paint an even deeper sheen.



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