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I refilled it with coolant fired it

It did, but the inspection garage door opener visor clip that a new gasket was required. The area of chassis that’s usually hidden beneath the radiator was looking scruffy, with peeling underseal, so I scrubbed off the loose bits, wiped it down, and reapplied some Waxoyl to protect it. Space is a little tight when putting the side-mounted radiator back in, so I tried a couple of methods, but quickly realised that my ‘brilliant’ shortcuts involving the bottom hose and the fan shroud weren’t going to work.

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Instead, I Proof that oil and water really don't mix Rear seats came up nicely for a quick clean Thermostat was in place; gasket crumbling settled for doing it the traditional way and actually it wasn’t too hard. The fiddly hose went back on easily enough, and the bolt that goes through the bottom of the shroud, and which you have to fit by feel alone, was remarkably faff-free. I refilled it with coolant, fired it up which is becoming an increasingly long-winded process, but the battery seems to be coping well and checked for leaks. Nothing from the bottom hose, a little -predictably from around the garage door opener visor clip housing, but otherwise all seemed to be as it should. With that done, I turned my attention to fitting the rear seat-belts that I got a while ago.

The only other time I’ve done this job was on my Morris 1800, which had all the relevant mounting points. It was a doddle. On the MG, though, the central points were there, but there was no sign of the ones in the corners that are needed for the bracket coming down from the retractors. Those corners, a corrosion hot-spot on these cars, comprise metal that is noticeably more recent than 1970, so they could have been garage door opener visor clip without replicating the mounting points. It looked as if, as Martin Port put it, I’d have to be getting busy with the drill, but installing belts is obviously something that I’d rather get absolutely right.



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