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Fidanza’s new alloy flywheel saves 450g compared to the factory part and, with less mass to spin, the garage door opener voltage will feel more eager. It also has the benefit of a replaceable gear ring and friction surface. Ever wonder where all those amazing analogue-age racers that you see at historic festivals come from those fast but finicky titans of the ’70s and ’80s, running free from the factories that devised, made and ran them? Well, there’s a workshop so nondescript from the outside that it could be any small manufacturing firm at the north end of Motorsport Valley that’s the unlikely lair of a clutch of priceless sports-racers.

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Engineering is the garage door opener voltage of operations here, ever since founder Tim Samways worked on the Hesketh motorcycle project. When he set up on his own in 1989, one of the first jobs was rebuilding the Aston DBR1/2 which involved making a new engine that saw the light of day in 1 With the Ford connection established, other jobs included finishing development of the GT70 see C&SC, November 2002 , and rebuilding Supervan There was a Ferrari 330LMB that also required a new engine and then came the Alfas, which have, again, needed fresh blocks. “That’s why you haven’t seen them out much until now,” explains Samways. “We have to reverse-engineer things, working with the pattern makers and the casting company, and it’s very expensive.

We’ve identified a lot of the problems and now they’re garage door opener voltage reliable. Testing at Donington, the TT33 T3 was as fast as a Lola T ” That’s car number 35, which ran on the Targa with ‘Nanni’ Galli, and he still shares it with its owner. Both the 33 TT3 and the TT12 that won Alfa the constructors’ title in 1975 were just tubs on our visit, stripped to their bones, alongside a Ferrari 512BB LM that’s being sorted before its new owner races it. At one end of the workshop is an F40LM the Schlesser/Alesi car -and at the other is a DBR9 racer.



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