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'MAYBE THEY'LL HEAD SOUTH OF THE BORDER WITH A RE-RUN TO CELEBRATE THE HALF-CENTURY' The original garage door opener x150 prototype remained stashed away in Chicago storage for decades until an approach from Jacky Morel, a French beach-buggy fanatic, who convinced Major it was time to sell the timewarp desert racer. The hot Porsche 356 engine has long gone, replaced by a period VW unit, but the rest is fantastically original right down to the drink flasks and oil bottles taped to the roll bar, flake finish and hand-painted names from the ’67 Stardust race. Tow’d 2 is now back in California thanks to Perry Margouleff, a music producer with Led Zeppelin among his impressive credits.

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A serious guitar collector, Margouleff also has a garage door opener x150 for early buggies, and has built up a set of Meyers Manx designs. Star of the group is Tow’d, which he eventually convinced Morel to sell. Margouleff has become good friends with Meyers, who has helped with restorations in his Valley Center shop. As with his vintage guitars.

Margouleff likes to use his historic buggies and often drives to the studio in a ’68 Manx complete with floral interior. More impressive are the convoys with Meyers in his original 1964 prototype Old Red, with Tow’d shadowing its creator. A favourite run is up Highway 1 to the Monterey classic week, where the buggy group is a popular feature of The Quail, the Little Car Show and the Carmel Concours on the Avenue. The organisers of Pebble Beach turned down a buggy class to mark the Manx’s 50 th anniversary, but Meyers and Margouleff aren’t bothered. garage door opener x150 most fun is driving around with Bruce and his wife Winnie, stopping at favourite restaurants to listen to his amazing stories,” says Margouleff.



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