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Now, though, he can laugh about waking up after the operation with both feet in traction to discover fellow Tow’d driver Fritz Warren in the next bed: “He’d rolled his buggy and had a Sports Car. Clockwise, from with low 'screen, the crew are exposed so a helmet, goggles and bandana are essential; the tail will drift in faster corners on the dirt, but it's easily caught with chunky sports wheel Tow'd named after pull-out front chassis tow-rail; evocative sunset across Highway 1 to the Pacific plaster cast around his waist, and his arm was suspended due to a dislocated shoulder. Despite the pain, Fritz looked over at me and said with a big smile, ‘Bruce, isn’t that race just bitchin’?’” It was motorcycles that set the pace in the second event, with the Honda 350 of Larry Berquist and Gary Preston winning in 20 hours 38 mins, which garage door opener xenia ohio the record by 5% hours.

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First of the four-wheeled brigade was a Bill Stroppe-prepared Bronco driven by Don Bohan-nen and Al Rogers at 21 hours 11 mins, while Andy DeVercelly and Tom McClelland drove the first buggy home, in fourth at 22 hours 37 mins. Thanks to Meyers, the popularity of the buggy exploded, with imitators popping up across the States. Tow’d inspired a raft of bespoke machines, including the Funco Wampuskitty. Designed by drag-racer Gil George and Chuck Beck, this light, tube-framed vehicle boasted a single-wishbone front end for extra wheel travel. The Funco never quite matched the Tow’d on the Mexican 1000, but it became the grandaddy template for garage door opener xenia ohio open-wheel off-roaders.

It would be two years before a buggy again won the Mexican 1000, but in garage door opener xenia ohio to Tow’d it took a very specialist tool. In just five weeks, former Meyers employee Drino Miller designed a potent beast with a tubular frame wrapped in a neat aluminium body. It was powered by a hot 1900cc VW motor with special cylinder heads and roller-bearing crankshaft. With Vic Wilson and Miller sharing the driving, the exposed single-seater set a staggering time of 16 hours 7 mins. In just four years, Meyers’ 1967 record run had been more than cut in half.



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