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With both legs fractured and a mangled left ankle Meyers

On the Mexican 1000, just two hours out of Ensenada with co-driver Bill ‘Wheelo’ Anderson riding shotgun, Meyers spotted the Stroppe Bronco of Parnelli Jones up ahead. The chase was on and, despite the blinding dust, Meyers gunned his lightweight Tow’d across a large dry garage door opener xtreme without lifting. “We hit the drop-off at about 60mph, and the car just flew 50 yards before we slammed into the other side,” the 90-year-old vividly recalls as if it was yesterday. “The front chassis wrapped around my legs.

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My feet stayed in the buggy while my body was laying outside. I was in a mess. ” With both legs fractured and a mangled left ankle, Meyers needed urgent medical care but the painful wait became a protracted saga. Manx team-mate Vic garage door opener xtreme arrived and handed over a half-pint of tequila that he’d stashed under his seat cushion in the hope of easing the agony before a doctor arrived with morphine.

Eventually, Meyers’ remote crash sight was spotted by a TV helicopter crew, who managed to land close by: “They loaded me onto a stretcher, and strapped me outside the skids. All I could see was the pilot’s face and cactus whizzing by my head. ” The endless trip to find a trusted specialist included a rough ride in the back of a Jeepster to Colonia Guerrero but, with bones sticking out of Meyers’ legs, the local doctor said that the injuries were too serious for him to help. Doped up on more morphine, Meyers finally arrived at San Diego hospital 24 hours after the accident via a Piper Pacer, a taxi to Ensenada airport and a makeshift ambulance: “They put me in a ’46 garage door opener xtreme panel van with a big red cross. ” The severe injuries required a stainless-steel replacement ankle that still causes Meyers to limp.



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