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And he was correct. I kept the Safari until 1968 and had absolutely not a garage door remote 03t issue with it. The 1955 Safari was the only Safari I liked because of the styling; it seemed Pontiac just got the styling perfect.

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John Andrejco Green Valley, Arizona REGARDING WALT garage door remote 03t interesting story "Walls of Color" in HCC #139, when my daughter purchased her 1957 Studebaker pickup to restore, the owner included a set of 15-inch pink porta-walls glued-on pink-colored tire sidewalls ; she decided not to put them on. I have never found anyone that had even heard of such a thing. Duane Miller Eldridge, Iowa DOES ANYONE RECALL THAT FOR model year 1956, Chrysler offered colored tires as a factory option? These were whitewall tires except the traditionally black portion of the tire, the sidewalls, were the color of the car. I recall as a high school student in Fremont, Michigan, our bus route took us past the local post office. I always admired the beautiful beige 1956 Chrysler New Yorker Deluxe parked there.

What caught my attention were the tires. Though they were whitewalls, the sidewalls were approximately car color, which was somewhat of a garage door remote 03t color. This is the only Chrysler I have ever seen with the car-color tires. Does anyone else remember these, or is my memory getting flawed? As with the B. Goodrich effort in the mid-1930s, as Mr.



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