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And he took that toolbox with him

Sam Lollar Carencro, Louisiana THE ARTICLE ON THE FRANKLIN IN HCC #133 reminded me of the time my father took delivery of his new Franklin in the early 1930s. Dad asked the service manager how to break in the engine. He replied, garage door remote 10 digit it kind of easy for a while and let the parts get acquainted with each other.

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" The words of a true mechanic. You see, my father was a merchant mariner. And he took that toolbox with him virtually everywhere he went. Not necessarily garage door remote 10 digit it down the street, but it had a place of honor in the trunks of all the cars we owned. The thing you’ve got to understand is that everything on an oil tanker, mechanically speaking, is pretty robust.

Take a look at a turbo-electric drive aboard a T-2 and you’ll know what I’m talking about. They’re garage door remote 10 digit to keep sailing. But sometimes something breaks when the ship is under way. You’ve got to fix it, right there. That’s why most large ships are equipped with machine shops.



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