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Vatcher's, and my buddy's Hurst, have all been repainted. I think the garage door remote 139 53753 bracket gets removed in the process, as it mounts above a valance that must be painted, and the people doing the work forget to put it back on. These brackets can be found on cars in junkyards; I think the plates appear better when they can be seen.

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I found your feature car interesting in the fact that it had power windows, console and reclining seats, yet no air conditioning, clock or a better radio. AM/ FM was available, and both AM and AM/ FM were offered with 8-track. It is truly fascinating how people ordered cars back in the Seventies. Scott Allred Chico, California THE DETROIT UNDERDOGS ARTICLE in HCC #136 on the 1974-'78 Mustang II was interesting. In 1976 I purchased a slightly used 1974 garage door remote 139 53753 notchback.

It wasn't the Ghia model, but had been special ordered by some rich sorority girl so the car salesman told me and had lots of special appointments—most important to me being the air conditioning. I don't know why these small Mustangs are so vilified today—that little car handled beautifully, and lasted for more than 130,000 miles. I drove it until 1987 when the Chicago winters finally took their toll. I remember shortly after buying that garage door remote 139 53753 II that people at my apartment complex would stop me to talk about the fancy little car I was driving. One lad of about eight-years old even noted that he "really loved that race car!" I've had a couple of other Mustangs since then, but always remember with fondness that little Mustang II.



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