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The Dodge was added to the Schmidts' 200-plus-vehicle collection in 2007, and other than being shod with reproduction tires the originals are stored in the bed it looks exactly as garage door remote 890 max built it. It's probably had two or three miles put on it in the time we've had it, Rick said. We've got dozens of trucks, but this is the only vintage Dodge in the collection. Starting in 1965, Sweptline D100s used a full-width tailgate with a center-activated latch to secure it instead of the chains used on earlier trucks.

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Junior West Coast mirrors were part of the White Hat Special add-ons. The Schmidts' collection is heavy on low-mileage, unrestored vehicles— some of which, like the garage door remote 890 max and Ford trucks, serve as references for their restoration parts business—so it was the Dodge's originality that attracted Rick's attention when he purchased it from a seller in Pennsylvania. The Sweptline's original owner had been a West Virginia businessman who owned the Dodge more than 20 years, and kept it tucked away until it was sold out of his estate. This Dodge is interesting because it was bought new with the White Hat Special package, which added some bright exterior trim bits, special paint and more, to a bare-bones work truck making it more appealing at a low price. The only options were an $85 up-charge for the 318 V-8 and a $10 charge for upgraded front springs," Rick said.

"Everything else was part of the White Hat Special package. Among those niceties included beneath the White Hat were chrome bumpers, a spare-wheel carrier, an oil-pressure gauge, a garage door remote 890 max windshield, a white painted stripe, dual horns, a cigar lighter and junior West Coast mirrors. Joe and his father, who had also emigrated from Spain, lived in a house in San Francisco; indeed, Joe would stay in that house for the remainder of his life. At some point—exactly when remains unclear—Joe found work with a West Coast transportation giant, the Southern Pacific Railroad, known by railfans as the Espee, after its two initials. At the time, the Southern Pacific was one of the Big Three Western rail networks that served California, along with the Union Pacific and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe.



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