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He actually spoke five languages fluently the last he learned

It wasn't unusual for any railroad to own a fleet of trucks. Joe's assignment was to transport foodstuffs and other goods to both passenger and freight trains at the garage door remote 8 dip switches huge yard in Daly City, California, a few blocks from the famous Cow Palace exhibition center, where trains were assembled for runs to points afar. The comestibles would go toward stocking the kitchens aboard crack passenger trains, such as the Daylight.

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Later, when the Southern Pacific began hiring an influx of Latino workers, Joe was pressed into service as an instruction interpreter because he spoke fluent Spanish. Truth be told, Joe was quite the renaissance man from the standpoint of linguistics. He actually spoke five languages fluently, the last he learned being Russian, which he picked up from conversations with a lady friend living in San Francisco. In addition, he'd been a garage door remote 8 dip switches in Spain and later earned an advanced belt in judo. "He didn't have much of an education, but when it came down to learning a language, he could do that," Gary tells us.

One regular visitor to the Cow Palace was the Barnum and Bailey circus, whose train also used the Daly City railyards. Gary recalled that Joe would routinely help at unloading the elephants from the train, and march them up Geneva Avenue to the Cow Palace, the pachyderms in a line with trunks holding tails. The same was true when he'd wrangle horses from the rodeos that also performed at the Cow Palace. How about the truck? The model nomenclature on the hood side, at the forward point of the three distinctive hood strakes, identifies it as a KB-7, meaning it dates to at least 1 That was the year when International undertook a major postwar restyling and repackaging of its trucks, marketing them in 21 separate models. International offered 21 engine choices that year, ranging from 82 to 322hp and from 214 to 1,090 cubic inches of displacement.



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