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Where the body length was reduced was before the windshield, which left the final result lacking the dramatic styling that the Cord had. It was a great idea, but the attempt nevertheless ended in vain. Body-wise, the Hupmobile and Graham offerings may have been first cousins, but, like many of the other cars discussed here, they certainly garage door remote access identical twins.

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64 When the garage door remote access press announced the new Hupmobile in 1939, it mentioned that "Cord dies are used in making the body, but lamp and fender design is new. " The Graham "Hollywood" for 1940-'41 also used the 1936-'37 Cord body dies. Despite the fact that the styling of the body was four years old, it still looked sleek and up to date with other cars of those years. It was Whitney's creation of the easily repaired cotton gin that turned cotton into the great economic engine of the South.

Whitney then branched out into making muskets for the government in Washington. His work on garage door remote access interchange literally transformed the making of guns, both at home and abroad. An army, or an individual settler, could now maintain stocks of parts that allowed rapid repairs to be made in the field. The worlds of armed combat and industrial manufacturing were changed eternally. Leland was virtually alone during the auto industry's early years as having actually voted for Abraham Lincoln, in 1 He tried to enlist in the Union Army but was rejected for being too young.



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