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When the war ended, Leland found himself laid off at Massachusetts's Springfield Armory. Unsurprisingly, though, he landed on his feet, finding employment with garage door remote acsctg type 1 and Sharpe of Providence, Rhode Island. There, Leland learned that close tolerances—at

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001 inch, closer even than the gunmakers used—were the true key to parts interchangeability. Brown and Sharpe specialized in precision tools including sewing machines and hair clippers. Then in 1867, the manufacturer It essentially worked in the opposite way as a lathe, with the work traveling past the grinding wheel on a table with precisely garage door remote acsctg type 1 travel distances. During the 1880s, Leland supervised its upgrading with additional power and improved cooling.

Cadillac's earliest honors came from abroad, where Britain lauded the cars for their level of precision that allowed them to be stripped down and reassembled. By 1885, Leland enjoyed a reputation in the industry as a gifted engineer, production manager and efficiency expert. Brown and Sharpe appointed him national sales manager, and he began making frequent trips to Detroit, where starry-eyed men were experimenting seriously with self-propelled carriages. In 1890, Leland moved to Michigan permanently, and backed by a lumber magnate named Robert Faulconer, opened Leland, Faulconer and Norton; later on Norton would become a garage door remote acsctg type 1 early camshaft grinder. The new firm's specialty was gear grinding and the production of specialized machine tools.



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